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Tipsy Art co-working art space


Tipsy Art space is an art and co-working space. Our menu literally has two main items: To Work and To Create. There’s nothing more enchanting and inspiring to us than seeing people making things happen - whether through a work of art or some independent, meaningful work/ projects that they work on. We want to be a part of that - of those people who tirelessly WORK or CREATE and bring values and meaning to life - so we built this space for you.


Come on over and enjoy, whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a tinkerer, a book reader, a young professional, an old professional, a lover of life, a musician, a YOU. Come and work, or come and create. Right now our To Create list only extends to Painting, but we never stop exploring new experiences and once in a while we’ll have other interesting workshop ideas, look out for us!



To Work

120k / 4 hours. 2 free drinks on us. 10k/ additional hour.

We also have a printer in case you need it, and a full menu in case you need more drinks (stay hydrated!)



To Create

440k/ 3.5 hours max. 2 free drinks on us. Full menu available for more drinks

Book us any time during the week through the form on the left, and be there on time. We have a list of 10 paintings available for you to choose from right here (Nhấn vào đây!).

You’ll be mostly working on the painting yourself, and our instructor will be ready to help along the way. You can walk-in, too, but sometimes our instructor might not be available, so we prefer booking in advance. No painting experiences required!



Busy Bees

1 hour max. Drinks from Full menu.

To accommodate those who cannot spend a long time at our space and just want to come in and have a quick drink, send a quick email or have a quick chat with clients!

Operating hours:

Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 10 PM

To Create hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 AM - 10 PM 

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